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Jopa Katalog 2019-Teamwear

dutch hand made The clothing is made in our own production facility in Enter, the Netherlands. This ensures you a high quality product with the best materials. small quantities No need for big quantities, we accept orders starting from 1 piece! This means even a single rider can get his own custom made gear. fast delivery Due the fact we have our own production facility in Enter, The Netherlands, we can produce all custom clothing within 2-4 weeks. Or on request in a couple of days, depending on the season. create your own design, or use ours! Create your own custom MX-gear by using one of our design, for those who like something special, we can create a fully custom outfit. re-order previous collections It’s possible to order collections from previous seasons, to keep your own team in the same gear for more than one season. No other brand in the world can offer this service.

Magazine 2014-2019